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August 1, 2021

How to Handle a Car Accident

Steps You Should Take to Solve the Situation

Even the most confident drivers can be rattled by a car collision. Repair costs and insurance premiums can be nightmare fuel even if you are uninjured. The best thing to do in these situations is to stay calm and be as informed as possible. To help you be as prepared as possible in the event of an accident, here are some of the steps you must take:

Make Sure Everyone Is OK

Even if you’re in a rush to get somewhere everyone has their own agendas like you, so they are just as inconvenienced as you. Make sure that both your passengers and the other car’s driver and passengers are not injured. If they are, call 911 to get immediate assistance. If no one is injured you may call 911 anyway to get a police officer over to inspect the scene.

Get Out of Traffic

Some people may suggest that you should stay exactly how the accident happened to show more clearly who is at fault. This is completely wrong. Your car’s damages and the location of the accident or any witnesses will be much more reliable than a biased driver who is looking to get the better deal. Because of this, your priority is to get out of traffic to prevent any other accidents and to be safe. Pull over to the side of the road or in a nearby parking area to prevent the problem from increasing.

Take Notes

If the other driver is going to try to get out of paying insurance, you’ll want to hold them accountable by documenting their identity. If you can, get their full name, their contact information, if they have insurance and with who, their license plate and driver’s license number, their vehicle make, model, and color, and where the accident happened. If they pull a fast one you’ll need to be ready to take their license plate number.

Take Pictures

The best evidence you can get is pictures of your car after the accident to be able to compare them to before the accident pictures if you have any. Your insurance or collision repair shop will be able to give you a better estimate on the costs if you have these. Once the police arrive they’ll probably take their own notes, but it is safer to keep your own evidence. If there are any witnesses to the accident you can get their numbers and name as well just to make sure.

Notify Your Insurance Company

You’ll want to get through the process as soon as possible. The faster you can finish an insurance claim, the sooner you can get your car repaired and back on the road. If you had an accident and are looking for a collision repair shop in San Diego, CA, BG Autobody, Collision & Customs can serve you. Call us at 619-679-9931 to learn more about the repairs we can provide.