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Collision and Insurance

Questions & Answers

What to do in case of an accident

  • I have had an accident with my vehicle. What do I do? First, if you are able, get the responsible party's Drivers License information. The information here will be useful in the claims process.
  • Should I drive my car after the accident? You should make the best determination of if your car is drivable. In some cases, it may look driveable when in fact it is not. Damage could have been done to the engine components or driveline components that you can't see. If you're in doubt, ask for a tow. Law Enforcement on the scene will have a list of tow trucks you can use. Ask the tow truck operator to bring it to our shop today at 3738 Main Street in San Diego, California.
  • Do I really need to drive around seeking multiple estimates: The answer is no. If you are able to drive your car, just bring it to our shop and let us handle everything for you.
  • Do I have to take my vehicle to the shop the insurance company recommends? The answer is no. Some insurance companies cross a fine line in redirecting customers to their preferred shops. in fact, this kind of redirection is against California law. Insurance companies often do this for their own financial benefit and it has little to do with the capabilities of any single shop.
  • The person responsible for the accident wants to pay out of pocket, should I take it? You should use caution in this matter. Until the car has been fully evaluated, there is no good way to determine the actual cost of the repair.
  • Can you Help with the Insurance Claims Process? We accept all insurance companies and will take away the frustration of having to spend hours on the phone with your insurance representatives. Just provide us with a claim number and we will do the rest.